Terms of sale

1º / All sales operations require prior registration of the interested party on our website. The personal data of the registered buyers will be processed in accordance with current legislation (L.O.P.D.).

2º / The prices marked in each one of the lots will be those that invariably have to be paid, not admitting discounts or counter offers, except in those cases in which our company makes a special offer for a set of lots.

3º / All purchases will include, apart from the price of the lot, the corresponding handling and shipping costs, which are the following:

Shipping type

To Spain

To Europe

To rest of the world


3.5 €

5.5 €

7.5 €

In purchases for an amount greater than 30.00 euros, shipping and handling costs will not be applied.

4th / All purchases must be completed with payment of the price prior to the shipment of lots, by any of the admitted means.

5º / The buyers are guaranteed the delivery of the lots purchased within a maximum period of 15 days from the closing of the operation, accompanied by the sending of the corresponding invoice or purchase receipt.

6º / The buyers will have the right to return those lots that do not meet their expectations, with the corresponding refund of the price paid, within 15 days of delivery.